Our Vision

Enable better health outcomes by delivering actionable diagnostic insights across Southeast Asia and beyond

We will deliver information that is comprehensive, up to date, accurate, easy to understand, contextual, relevant, timely and useful for guiding patient care to all relevant stakeholders – clinicians, individuals and their carers, healthcare providers (pharma, biotech, health tech), payers (corporates, insurers, government) and regulators.

We are committed to making sure that healthcare professionals are well-informed when shaping medical decisions and health outcomes. To ensure this, we provide actionable diagnostic information that supports decision-making to improve patient outcomes.

We are passionate about partnering with members of the medical fraternity in our shared pursuit towards achieving improved patient outcomes and providing high quality, affordable diagnostic services to the millions of people across our home region of Southeast Asia.

Our Core Values

Care and Compassion

Patient Care and Compassion are at the center of our universe.

We believe every patient should be given the dignity, respect, kindness and effort accorded to a loved one. We also believe that charity begins at home, so we view our people as family. We cannot ask our employees to extend their care and compassion to our customers if care and compassion is not the atmosphere at the workplace.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity are the cornerstones of our practice.

This is the basis of how we function internally and how we interact with all our stakeholders from the patient, the referring clinician, the regulator and the payer. We refuse to compromise our beliefs for financial gains. We believe that sustainable trusting relationships with our stakeholders are built on consistent and observable ethical behavior.

Teamwork and Synergy 

We want to be a Champion Team not a team of champions.

We want to tap the powers of synergy from both within our organization and with external stakeholders. We believe that by deeply understanding our customer and suppliers and working closely and cooperating with them we can deliver superior outcomes for patients.

Action and Innovation

We believe in the power of creative solution.

We know we can either embrace it or be destroyed by it. We know change is difficult, but we understand we must seek to lead change. We learn from our mistakes. We execute industry “best practice“, but we will always strive to create “next practice”. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. We believe in the power of doing. We act with urgency. We solve problems. We act like Owners. We are imbued with a “Can do” attitude.